Vinci Finance

Vinci Protocol provides inscription and NFT backed DeFi solutions designed for boosting liquidity.

Why Isolated-Margin Liquid Market

  • One Collection One Pool: You can provide any liquidity asset to any collection you select, building an exclusive pool to realize 100% risk isolation.

  • Limitless Collection Listing: It can open one lending pool for any inscription and NFT collection you want. Free integration, easy listing, and unlimited inscription and NFT collections.

  • Lending Pool Mechanism: Lending Pool Mechanism is much higher capital efficient with your inscription and NFT collaterals and liquidity than the Peer-to-peer lending model.

  • Non-Custodial & Permissionless: Assets are controlled in your hands. It is an open and secure protocol with full auditing proving its highest security standards.

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For Smart Contract Developers

The Vinci lending protocol is a pool-based money market with inscription and NFT assets as collateral. Inscription and NFT holders can deposit their inscription and NFT on the Vinci platform as collateral to take out loans, meanwhile money lenders will earn yields by providing liquidity.

The following documentation describes the fundamentals of the protocol and how to interact with it. By following the lending market contract documentation, dApp developers can deploy their own inscription and NFT lending markets.

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