Vinci Protocol is a completely community-driven project designed to boost liquidity with a lending platform and simultaneously hedge against volatility with NFT-backed derivative products.

Our WHY is loud and clear — to give liquidity and risk control to all NFT owners.

Governed by our WHY and mission, we rely on the $VCI fair launch, a series of launch events, to bring Vinci Protocol, an NFT-backed DeFi protocol, to more NFT holders and enthusiasts. Vinci Tokenomics is an amalgam of these governance mechanisms and the token incentives that drive the protocol fairly and securely.

NFT markets are still new and in their early development, which inevitably means many future iterations. Vinci Protocol team will actively monitor the NFT markets and act accordingly by adjusting the VCI token distribution and the subsequent fair launch metrics. Any modifications will be reflected in this doc and our official social channels.

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