Testnet Guide


If you would like to test the Vinci Lending Protocol, you'll be happy to know that you can do this over the testnet client. You can find the Vinci testnet client available at https://app.vinci.io/. Make sure to switch your wallet provider to Goerli network to use the protocol testnet without any costs.

What do I need for testing?

You just need to connect to the test client at:

You can find specific guidelines on how to do every step in the User Guide.

How do I select a supported testnet?

Some wallet providers allow you to switch to a test network such as Goerli. Make sure your wallet provider allows you to do this prior to testing. Some wallet providers that allow you to select the network are:

  • Metamask extension or mobile app at https://metamask.io/download.html - You can find the network selection on top of the Metamask menu over the extension, notice that you may need to go to the Settings -> Advanced and activate the "Show test networks" Option.

How do I get ETH for testing?

You can request ETH from the available faucets:

How do I get NFTs for testing?

General steps to mint test NFTs:

  1. Click the NFT contract link, you need to connect a web3 wallet first.

  2. Then find out the mint method, different NFT collections have different method names. For example, BoredApe corresponds to mintApe method, CryptoPunks corresponds to getPunk methods.

  3. Input the ether amount at the first input box, 0.08 ether for an Ape, 0.01 for a Doodle.

  4. Input the number of NFTs you want to mint at the second input box (if needed).

  5. Click "write" button to send a transaction. After the transaction confirmed, you will get your test NFTs.

If the transaction failed, please try again later.

It may take a few minutes for the UI to display your NFTs after minting is successful.

Check out all mocked NFTs and how they can be minted as follows:

Mocked NFT ContractMint MethodParameter Description


payableAmount: 0.08 ether for an Ape numberOfTokens: number of NFTs


punkIndex: punk id


payableAmount: 0.01 ether for an Mutant Ape numMutants: number of NFTs


payableAmount: 0.01 ether for a Doodle numberOfTokens: number of NFTs


payableAmount: 0.01 ether for a Moonbird to: your address



payableAmount: 0.01 for an Azuki

quantity: number of NFTs

callerPublicSaleKey: Must equal 1

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